Five Free Games Are Available Now From Amazon / Twitch Prime For A Limited Time

Twitch users have regularly been treated to free titles and in-game bonuses as a perk for having Amazon Prime, and now a bunch of new freebies are up for grabs. The streaming service has now kicked off its expanded Free Games With Prime program, giving subscribers a chance to snag a total of five titles at no cost. For a...

Here’s Every Free Pokemon For Ultra Sun And Moon Right Now

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launched for 3DS back in November, marking the mainline series' swan song on Nintendo's dual-screen handheld. As it did for the original Sun and Moon versions, The Pokemon Company is continuing to support the pair in the months following their release with free items and Pokemon. The company has a lot of giveaways...

Stephen Hawking’s final paper could be worthy of Nobel Prize – CNET

The award eluded the late theoretical physicist, but his last paper on alternate universes could be a game-changer. There is a catch though.

Facebook suspends whistleblower’s account after report – CNET

Facebook says the suspension is due to reports Christopher Wylie's former employer allegedly held onto 50 million Facebook profiles' worth of information.

Facebook hires digital forensics firm for Cambridge Analytica audit – CNET

The social network is launching a comprehensive investigation into a scandal involving misused data by a consultancy used by the Trump campaign.

Big Monster Hunter World Update Brings Deviljho, Weapon Changes, And More Soon

Details on the first major update for Monster Hunter World have finally been shared by Capcom. The free patch launches later in March and adds the Deviljho monster and corresponding gear, as well as many other changes to the game. Prior to World's release, Deviljho (a returning monster for the series) was confirmed to be the first big addition through...

Spock’s ‘Star Trek III’ ear tips can be yours – CNET

Leonard Nimoy's pointy Spock ears from "Star Trek III" warped onto an online auction site and could end up in a Trekkie's hands.

Google will let you play Android games before downloading them – CNET

Google Play Instant is part of a redesign of the Google Play Games app.

PUBG Mobile Out Now For Free In The US And Other Regions

The massively popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now available on mobile. Following a round of beta tests in Canada, PUBG Corp. has rolled out the mobile version of PUBG in "many" regions around the world, including the US. Described as a "faithful adaptation" of the PC game, PUBG Mobile features the same last-man-standing gameplay experience that helped propel the title to...

Aubrey de Grey: Treating ageing as a curable disease

Aubrey de Grey is chief science officer at the SENS Research Foundation, which is trying to develop therapies that will repair the damage that the body does to itself throughout life.He believes that ageing can be treated as a disease that can be cured.BBC Click finds out more.See more at Click's website and @BBCClick.