Acer says chip availability will improve this year, which is good news for GPUs

best graphics card extra june 2019
best graphics card extra june 2019

While other reports have suggested GPU stock won't be sorted until 2022 at the earliest, it seems Acer believes the situation could be improving much sooner. According to a report from Reuters, Acer's president for Pan-Asia operations, Andrew Hou, claims that the supply chain has "jumped into action" and he expects chip stock to improve throughout April before the situation gets even brighter in July.

If you're to believe Hou's optimism, a possible end to the seemingly never-ending stock issues on chips could be in sight, which affect everything from microwaves to game consoles and the best graphics card. The over-inflated prices of GPUs in particular has made building a PC prohibitively expensive, even if the best gaming CPU has largely been spared from the same price hikes.

There are a number of causes that led to the stock issues we're facing now, from the factory disruption faced by earlier lockdowns to the simultaneous release of current gen consoles alongside new graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD.

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