FFXIV director hits Twitch to share his coffee cookie recipe and drink wine

ffxiv coffee biscuit
ffxiv coffee biscuit

Just when I thought Final Fantasy XIV's director and producer Naoki Yoshida couldn't get any cooler, he goes and pours himself a glass of wine and starts hosting a cooking show on Twitch. Yes, Yoshi-P went full suburban mom this week, and he is clearly living his best life. If you want in on this incredible lifestyle, he's even shared his coffee cookie recipe with the world.

These are based on FFXIV's coffee biscuits, but the stream title has a cookie pun (and maybe a reference to the oft-forgotten NES puzzler Yoshi's Cookie?) so I'm going with the Americanism here. The stream itself is fully in Japanese, but the FFXIV Discord has gone and translated the whole thing, so you can make your own version of Yoshida's cookies.

While I understand about as much Japanese as any casual anime viewer, the stream is still delightful, especially with its occasional breaks into an in-game kitchen to really sell the whole cooking show vibe.

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