Final Fantasy 14’s First 5.5 Patch Launches April 13, New Trailer Released

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The first part of Final Fantasy XIV's 5.5 content update will arrive on April 13, and Square Enix shared a new trailer for the patch along with other details during its latest Letter from the Producer broadcast.

Patch 5.5, titled Death Unto Dawn, is being divided up into two parts and will pave the way for the game's big Endwalker expansion, which is slated to release this fall. Part 1 of the patch will introduce the third chapter of the game's YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse crossover alliance raid series, The Tower at Paradigm's Breach. It will also add new main scenario quests, as well as a new trial against the formidable Diamond Weapon.

On top of that, the first part of Patch 5.5 introduces a new main story dungeon, Paglth'an. The Save the Queen questline is also being updated with a new field area called Zadnor and an increased resistance rank cap, and there will be numerous other changes and additions to the MMO, including new PvP rewards, new mounts, job adjustments, and more. You can watch a new trailer for Patch 5.5 above and read more details here.

The PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV will also go into open beta alongside Patch 5.5's release. As the publisher previously confirmed, PS4 players will be able to upgrade to this version for free once the open beta period starts, and it will take advantage of the PS5's greater horsepower by offering 4K resolution support, faster load times, 3D audio, and haptic feedback. Square Enix says the full PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV will be available for purchase when the open beta concludes.

The publisher also shared a few more details about its upcoming Digital Fan Festival, which is set for May 14-15. On the first day of the event, Square Enix will hold a keynote revealing new information about the Endwalker expansion, as well as a developer panel and a piano concert. The following day will offer a live Letter from the broadcast as well as a concert from The Primals. You can learn more about the event on its official website.

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