Halo Infinite release date – latest on the new Halo PC game

Upcoming PC games Halo Infinite
Upcoming PC games Halo Infinite

When is the Halo Infinite release date? Looking for more details on the upcoming, next-gen Halo game? We were recently shown Halo Infinite campaign gameplay at the Xbox 2020 Showcase, so we've got plenty to dissect.

Microsoft certainly got fans of 343 Industries' space game in an excitable tizzy by officially unveiling a new Halo PC game in 2018. The Halo Infinite PC reveal trailer doesn’t actually reveal much – besides that the game is coming – but thanks to a recent look at the campaign, we can see Master Chief is back in action to take on a new threat – the Banished.

A new trailer and a look at the campaign has got us excited, and so we have collected together every last scrap of information we know about the upcoming first-person shooter as we wait for more details and a Halo Infinite release date. Recently there has been a slew of information about the open-ended missions and what's not coming to the game that you should probably be aware of. Here are all the latest details on Halo Infinite for PC.

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