Humble Choice games for April revealed


Do you know of any places where cheap games hang out? Asking for a friend. (The friend is Ryo Hazuki.) Oh, the Humble Choice bundle is back again for another month? Well, that settles it – cheap games, like sailors, wait for no one. April's Humble Choice bundle is headlined by Shenmue 3, but there are plenty of other excellent titles among the dozen options this time around.

You can sign up for Humble Choice in time for April's games here. Besides Shenmue 3 – which is redeemable on both Epic and Steam, by the way – this month's selections include Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, F1 2020, Remothered: Broken Porcelain, Rock of Ages 3, In Other Waters, Main Assembly, Aven Colony, Simulacra and Simulacra 2, Colt Canyon, Skully, and Popup Dungeon.

Humble Choice typically offers a variety of subscription tiers that let you choose a certain number of games each month to unlock, but there's currently a promotion that lets you lock in 12 months of the service at $12 per month with access to all 12 games in each bundle.

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