Is MLB The Show 21 coming to Xbox? What you need to know about Microsoft release

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Xbox users, rejoice: You may soon be able to enjoy The Show.

After years of settling for arcade baseball games and listening to PlayStation fanboys gloat about having MLB: The Show exclusively on Sony consoles, Xbox fans have secured a win: MLB: The Show 21 will be on Microsoft platforms starting in 2021.

This is going to be the first baseball sim since the MLB 2K series that is heading to Xbox consoles. While RBI Baseball and Super Mega Baseball provided reasonable alternatives to The Show, there's nothing like the series' realism, graphics and, now, next-gen arrival.

The next-generation of baseball games is coming to next-gen consoles. Here's what you need to know about the next installment of the series:

Is MLB The Show 21 coming to Xbox?

  • Consoles: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Xbox users will be able to feel the power and glory of majestic home runs, disgusting breaking balls and the full MLB The Show experience on Microsoft platforms this year, with MLB The Show coming to Xbox One and Series X|S consoles in April.

There's even more good news: With MLB The Show cross-play enabled, Xbox users will be able to play with users on PlayStation and vice versa.

And you know what? There's even better news: For Xbox users with the GamePass subscription service, The Show will be available Day 1 on GamePass.

When is MLB The Show 21 coming out?

  • Release date: Tuesday, April 20. Early access: Friday, April 16.
  • Price: $99.99 (Jackie Robinson Deluxe Edition, Digital Deluxe edition), $84.99 (Jackie Robinson edition), $69.99 (next-gen), $59.99 (current gen)

For those who want early access to The Show, you'll have to preorder one of the Jackie Robinson deluxe editions of the game.

The Jackie Robinson Deluxe edition comes with an MLB: The Show hat and steelbook, among other gameplay additions. The Jackie Robinson edition also provides exclusive early access to the game.

For full details on the separate editions, visit The Show website here.

MLB The Show 21 preorder

Most major retailers including GameStop, Target, Best Buy and Walmart are accepting preorders on MLB The Show 21. You can also preorder the game through The Show's official site.

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