Outriders devs want you to feel “overpowered” – despite nerfs for three classes

outriders gameplay impressions trickster
outriders gameplay impressions trickster

Outriders is here, and broadly, it's a hit, despite a big load of early server problems. The question is what the live service will look like as players start to finish the campaign and move into the Outriders endgame and today, the devs have provided an idea of what to expect with the game's first major patch. So, uh… get ready to hear about some nerfs.

This patch nerfs a number of abilities across tricksters, technomancers, and pyromancers – which is already proving controversial, especially in week one of a PvE co-op game. "While we fully intend to provide the overpowered feel for the best builds out there," the devs say in the announcement, "we are also committed to making sure that there is build diversity in the top performing builds."

For now, that means bullet abilities are getting nerfed – the devs say that a bug fix back in the demo has had a side-effect in making these abilities too powerful, and that it's too easy to make a top-tier build with these options. You can read the full explanation behind each change over in the full patch notes.

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