Path of Exile’s Ultimatum league is about gambling your rewards in wave-based survival

path of exile 3 14 ultimatum release date
path of exile 3 14 ultimatum release date

The Path of Exile 3.14 release date is upon us, and today's livestream fully unveiled what to expect from the Ultimatum league. In short, it's all about gambling your potential rewards against waves of progressively more powerful enemies for ever-better loot drops. Ultimatum is set to launch on April 16 for PC.

The Trialmaster will lead you to these risky rewards in each area of the Ultimatum league. These Trials will require you to select a difficulty modifier, like a smaller encounter area or random blades occasionally flying at you, and ask you to complete a certain objective, usually defeating or surviving waves of enemies. Complete that objective, and you'll naturally get a reward.

But that's where the Ultimatum part comes in. You can either take that reward to complete the challenge, or gamble it by taking on a new challenge, which'll require you to select another difficulty modifier and face another wave of bad guys. The difficulty modifiers keep stacking, and the rewards keep getting better, until you either walk away with your goods or die.

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