Red Dead Online’s weekly update boosts rewards for playing the Naturalist

red dead online update ruddy moose
red dead online update ruddy moose

It's a wonderful week to dip into Red Dead Online if you're looking to make a swift buck while carrying out the Naturalist role or you're yet to try it out. The Western game gets a weekly refresh every Tuesday to offer players some variation to their weekly routines. Some weeks are better than others, but this week promises to be a good 'un if you're looking for something relaxed.

The Naturalist role is all about protecting animals by sedating them and taking samples from them. Most people tend to kill them and take their fur to Gus MacMillan for a new jacket, so take this as some incentive to change your ways. This week you'll get double the cash and XP for sedating animals and selling their samples to Harriet. If you sample a legendary animal, you'll fetch 100 sedative rounds and five Animal Revivers you can use to sedate and rejuvenate your targets.

If you log on this week, you can also pick up a care package that features three potent herbivore baits, three potent predator baits, and three special lake lures. You'll also find that the Naturalist's Sample Kit is reduced by five gold bars for the coming week.

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