Sea of Thieves teases new additions ahead of Season 2’s launch next week

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Sea of Thieves will be raising anchor and embarking on its second official season – bringing new content, fresh player progression, and associated rewards – next Thursday, 15th April.

There's not a lot to report on Season 2 just yet, but – barring minor tweaks to the formula – it should continue the template established by Sea of Thieves' current, inaugural season, offering a three-month-long schedule of content updates and events, built around a fresh battle pass.

Expect another 100 levels of rewards in the free tier – progressed through by completing various activities while out on the ocean – plus a small selection of Pirate Emporium goodies and exclusive cosmetics that can be unlocked by purchasing the paid Plunder Pass.

Beyond that, Rare isn't saying much just yet, but today's Season 2 launch date announcement trailer does offers a few hints of things to come.

Sea of Thieves Season Two Approaches.

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Alongside the usual cosmetic additions, the trailer teases a new Skeleton Fort world event – signalled by a menacing red Ritual-Skull-like cloud in the sky – plus a new hide-in-a-barrel emote with some serious PvP potential. And perhaps we'll also find out exactly who's been setting up stall around Sea of Thieves' outposts after three months of in-game teases.

Expect Rare to provide a more thorough breakdown of Seas of Thieves' second season ahead of its launch on Xbox and PC next Thursday, 15th April.

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