Studio Cancels PlayStation Vita Game, Was Surprised By Store Closure News

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News that the PlayStation Store was going offline for the PS3, PSP, and PlayStation Vita caught us by surprise, at least in terms of how soon it is happening, but one game developer was put in a more difficult situation. It has been forced to cancel an upcoming PlayStation Vita game, and the developer said it was not told in advance of the closure.

Speaking to IGN, Lillymo Games founder Barry Johnson said it didn't receive any notice from Sony about the Vita store's planned closure prior to the public news. Because of this, its next, unannounced game will have its Vita version canceled, and the studio's requests for information from Sony were met with silence.

The PS Vita was discontinued in 2019

The PS Vita was discontinued in 2019

Others, like Miguel Sternberg at Spooky Squid games, are still rushing to get their games out prior to game submissions being closed. Lightwood Games developer Katherine Gordon even offered her studio's assistance in order to bug-test the game so it can release before the deadline.

The Vita is a somewhat unique case in that Sony stopped supporting it with its own games relatively quickly, but it has remained an indie gaming favorite–and to a degree, this even continued after the Switch release and offered a similar handheld experience. The Vita got briefly marketed as a companion device of sorts for the PS4, but the system itself has already been out of production for more than two years.

You'll still be able to buy games on PlayStation Vita until August 27. The PS3 and PSP stores, meanwhile, are closing on July 2, so make any purchases you want before that date. You will still be able to download them later.

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