The best AUG Warzone setup

best aug warzone setup
best aug warzone setup

Searching for the best AUG Warzone setup? Now that all of the Call of Duty Cold War guns have made their way to the battle royale game, you have the choice between two very different AUGs. The Modern Warfare AUG is an SMG with an excellent fire rate, capable of killing enemies faster than some of the best assault rifles in Warzone. Unlocking all of the attachments for this SMG will take a while, but you can transform this weapon into a mid-range monster with the correct loadout.

There’s also the Cold War AUG, a semi-automatic tactical rifle that fires in bursts of three. Prior to the Season 2 update, this weapon wasn’t great compared to the other options on offer like the best M16 loadout. The bullet velocity on the CW AUG has since been fixed, cementing itself as one of the best weapons in Warzone right now since the DMR 14 back in Season 1. The Season 2 Reloaded update and April 6 patch did target the CW AUG, however, the extra recoil isn't enough to stop players from using this weapon.

Our AUG Warzone build guide covers both of these weapons to ensure you have the best AUG Warzone loadout possible. The MW AUG should be used as a secondary weapon in loadouts, whereas you may want to use the CW AUG as a primary weapon due to its long range capabilities.

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