The best Diablo 3 season 23 builds

diablo 3 builds
diablo 3 builds

Want to know what the best builds are for each class in Diablo 3 season 23? With the new companions update, a lot has changed when it comes to speccing your followers with decent skills, but it’s important not to forget about your own character’s build.

Each one of the playable characters in Diablo 3 has tons of ways that you can mix up their skills, passives, and equipment to turn them into a damage dealing machine. That said, the classes are very good at specific tasks: Wizards love flinging spells to obliterate their foes, Crusaders prefer smashing demon faces with divine justice, and Necromancers, well, they love their ‘pets’ don’t they?

Our Diablo 3 season 23 build guide gathers our favourite builds across a select few Diablo 3 classes. Each one has a list of the skills you need to spec into, the build items you’ll need to forage from very specific locations, and the global stat priorities you’ll need to take to optimise your build. The builds are listed in order of how viable they are. Not every class has builds that are massively efficient in season 23, so currently we aren’t listing any builds here for Barbarians, Monks, or Demon Hunters. We may add them at a later date if more are discovered.

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