The complete Crusader Kings 2 DLC guide

crusader kings britain big
crusader kings britain big

Crusader Kings II is the grand strategy game that launched a thousand DLCs, spawning an (at the time) unprecedented system of post-release support that could see expansions releasing nearly a decade after the original launch. So many packs have been released that we figured a CK2 DLC guide would be needed to help sort them out. With Crusader Kings III now assuming the throne (check out our CK3 review and our CK3 tips guide), it must be noted that DLC support for CK2 has finally coming to end.

It's now one of the best free PC games available, since Crusader Kings 2 went free-to-play. But the real costs are with the expansion packs. These represent a library of extra stuff that comes with a hefty price-tag. Across 15+ DLCs (if we’re just counting the major, gameplay-altering ones), you can expect to pay just under $300 (at full price) to acquire the 'complete' experience.

A recent development that may prove interesting is that the entire expansion catalogue is now being made available via a subscription service. We've added an extra note on this below, but even with this new way of accessing CK2 DLC packs, we've taken the time to break down each major expansion in terms of what it does, and whether it's worth the money you (usually) pay for it.

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