World of Warcraft’s Noblegarden event is here

wow noblegarden 2021
wow noblegarden 2021

Easter may have come and gone in the real world, but it's only getting started in World of Warcraft. If you log into Blizzard's long-running MMORPG you'll find that the Noblegarden event – as of yesterday (April 5) – has kicked off.

The event is hanging around until April 12, and comes with heaps of event-appropriate cosmetics and quests. You've got daily quests such as the Great Egg Hunt which rewards you with in-game money, a small amount of experience, and a "Blossoming Branch in exchange for brightly coloured shell fragments gathered during your travels". You can also mull around Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire, Kharanos, Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village, Falconwing Square, or Shattrath City for hidden eggs. You can get them more quickly if you purchase an egg basket from the Noblegarden merchant, by the by.

But what do you do with all these egg-cellent treats? Fun toys, costumes, and mounts mainly. Brightly coloured eggs often contain chocolate you can eat or use to purchase said goodies. Alongside the candy, eggs may also dish out a special item or two.

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