WoW player gets all Noblegarden rewards after standing still for two hours

wow noblegarden 2021 1
wow noblegarden 2021 1

Sometimes, the most optimal way to grind a game isn't the most fun. I rarely pass up the opportunity to tell people about the time I spent grinding Destiny's loot cave. Essentially, you'd line up and shoot into a cave until you couldn't stand it anymore, only breaking routine to go and hover up your spoils. The point being, players will go to the most boring lengths imaginable to grind a game efficiently.

The most recent entry into that endeavour comes from a World of Warcraft player who picked up all the Noblegarden event collectables by just hanging out for two hours. Redditor rob0tparty found a spot in Falconwing Square where they could stand still and touch five eggs at once, which allowed them to pick up ten every minute on average. The caveat, however, is that you'll only get many if people leave you to it and don't try to muscle in on your operation.

If you'd like to do this yourself, the spot rob0party is talking about is in the southeastern corner of the Ruins of Silvermoon in Falconwing Square. Keep in mind, it might be a tad busier these days since the Reddit post.

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